The Resolution
sent on 23rd September, 2001 to 
the Premier of NSW, Bob Carr
the Minister for the Environment, Bob Debus and
the Minister for Urban Affairs and Planning, Andrew Refshauge


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We, the members of the Friends of Quarantine Station Inc, at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday 23 September, 2001, call upon the State Government to immediately halt the leasing process for the North Head Quarantine Station, because it is
fundamentally flawed in that:-

i) the Conditional Agreement to Lease the site to Mawland Hotels Ltd, completed prior to completion of the Conservation Management Plan for the site, inappropriately pre-empts and directs the Conservation Management planning process, to a point which makes a mockery of due process and public input to conservation management of the place as a heritage site,

ii) the professional input provided by members of the Detailed Area Conservation Management Plan Reference Group was repeatedly treated with undue disregard, to an extent which compromises the whole basis upon which the Mawland development proposal is predicated,

iii) the leasing process is proceeding even though the State Heritage Council has clearly indicated that if approved, the development would "materially affect the significance of the subject site as an item of environmental heritage", and

iv) the financial justification for the entire leasing process is entirely inadequate.

Moved: Judy Lambert
Seconded: David Barr

Adopted unanimously

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Friends of Quarantine Station,
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