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Arriving in the 1880s

Thomas Cornelius, a Quarantine Station worker, married the widow of Mr Casey who died in quarantine

Thank you for your prompt reply, re Cornelius family at QS. As I search more and talk with my Mum-in-law, I am becoming more intrigued with the family story. Mum is having to dig deep to recall what her mother had told her about her childhood at QS, and other relatives who may have known more are no longer living. I would like to access records so that we have some confirmation of the names and dates. I have been in contact with National Archives but can't locate any record of residents or deaths/burials, births, employees etc. Mum tells me that her Grandmother Catherine Ellen first came to QS with her first husband and family of 3,quarantined with smallpox. The husband (Mr Casey) died and she then remarried Thomas Cornelius who worked at QS. They lived and raised a family there at QS.
She had 5 more children to Cornelius (Alice, Catherine, Wally, Bert & 1d'cd). Mum's Mother was 'Catherine Ellen' also. She married a Goldsbrough and lived in Manly. Can you tell me where I would find records? We are very keen to put the pieces together. 

Mum is 88 so I'm keen to get this together for her. She has often spoke about her mum's family at QS. It would be a thrill for her and us to see a family record. 

Bye, hope you can help
Narelle Foott & (Joyce Foott my Mum in law)

Before 1900

1900 - 1920

1920 - 1950

1950 - 1984

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