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The Butine Family



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The Butine Family

The "William Roger" from Scotland arrived in Sydney on the 26th September,  1838, with typhus on board. More than 40 passengers from this ship died either on the way or whilst in quarantine.

The Butine family - Hugh Butine, his wife, Mary,  and 5 children, were among the 295 passengers on the "William Roger" which was carrying early settlers to Australia.

Mary gave birth to a 6th child during the voyage but contracted typhus and had to be carried ashore when the ship was quarantined.

Mary died within a few hours of arriving in Manly and was buried in quarantine. The baby died of malnutrition and is buried in Manly.

QSWRogers.jpg (14822 bytes)
Engraving honouring those who died
during the passage of the
"William Roger".
"William Roger" harassed by Pirates.

On their voyage to Australia, another experience to add to their anxiety was an encounter with pirates who sailed threateningly around their ship for three days.  They were persuaded to desist only when the passengers succeeded in making them believe that the ship carried convicts under military supervision. Hugh Butine and others who had militiary experiencce, appeared on deck in military uniform and played an important part in a successful game of bluff.

"Family of Butine", M. Arnold Butine, M.A., Ph.D.

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