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The Kemp family story

The Kemps moved to the Quarantine Station between about 1973 and 1984. Edward Kemp was a Quarantine Officer and he and his family lived in house "S15" (the first brick house on the right after taking the right hand fork in the road) for 11 years.

Photo : E. Kemp

This photo is of the helicopter that brought Prime Minister Hawke and Premier Neville Wran to the Quarantine Station to attend the handover ceremony of the Quarantine Station from the Commonwealth Government to the State Government. 

The red brick house in the background is the house where the family used to live. 


Cyclone Tracey victims

One memory we have of the house is when the Cyclone Tracey victims were staying at the station, a lot of the children would come up to our yard as we had swings etc and would play with us for hours.

The family remembers the Cyclone Tracey victims coming to stay there and also another time when the Vietnamese orphans came.

Photo : E. Kemp

Photo: E. Kemp

These photos are of various rock 
carvings found around the waters edge of 
the Quarantine Station.

Photo : E. Kemp

This photograph is of the ceremony of the handover detailed above. Neville Wran is at the microphone. In the background, sitting on the stage, is Bob Hawke with other dignitaries.

By the Kemp family

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