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Press Release on 28-1-2000


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Media Release 

28 Jan. 2000

North Head Heritage Sold to Developer

Where Will The Bandicoots Stay?


The National Parks Association has expressed deep disappointment with the decision by Environment Minister Bob Debus to permit the National Parks and Wildlife Service to enter a development deal for the privatisation of the historic North Head Quarantine Station in Sydney Harbour National Park


“The decision creates a massive conflict of interest for the Minister and the NPWS.  It also highlights the NPA’s concerns about the recent leaked draft Cabinet paper which proposes to make it easier for the NPWS to lease out buildings and sites in national parks for a range of new activities unrelated to the conservation purposes of the parks, “ said Noel Plumb, NPA Executive Officer. 


“We know from the appalling track record of the NPWS in dealing with developers and commercial enterprises that the injection of $13 million of developer funds to turn the site into a resort centre will inevitably lead to the crass commercialisation and alienation of one of the most historic sites in the country.”


“The development deal revealed yesterday includes a 150 seat restaurant, 90 rooms of three star accommodation and additional night time entertainment.”


“This will create an unacceptable increase in the risk to the endangered population of long nosed bandicoots that occupy North Head. The development will massively increase evening road traffic leading to the QS entrance - traffic which will encounter feeding bandicoots on the verges of the lengthy Quarantine Station access road before the proposed visitor carparks are reached.”


“In 1997, the NPWS would not recommend a conservation order to protect the bandicoot population against the residential development of the nearby St Patricks Estate which is also part of their critical habitat.  At that time the NPWS was already planning the privatisation of the Quarantine Station and seeking a developer.”


“The development will also significantly increase motor boat traffic in the vicinity of Quarantine, Store and Collins Beaches.  These beaches of course adjoin the immediate habitat of the endangered population of Little Penguins which live on North Head.  Collins Beach is a declared marine reserve. Penguin deaths from boat and jet ski collision have been reported.”


“The NPWS has a massive conflict of interest in entering this development and the Minister has now assumed responsibility for the conflict between revenue making and the duty to protect endangered species.”  


For further comment :  Noel Plumb 9299 0000  or 0412 975 575



Write your thoughts about the Quarantine Station and its conservation in a letter to one of these people :-

The Hon. R. Debus
Minister for the Environment
Level 19, Roden Cutler House
24 Campbell St
Sydney NSW 2000
The Hon. R.J.Carr
Level 40
Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
Sydney NSW 2000
Mr Brian Gilligan
Director General
National Parks and Wildlife Service
43 Bridge St
Hurstville NSW 2220
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