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Friends of Quarantine Station
Press Release on 28-1-2000


Friends of Quarantine Station

Media Release

28 January 2000 




Friends of Quarantine Station (FroQS) today criticised the Mawland Hotel Management group plan for Quarantine Station saying it will turn the National Park into a theme park.


Nina Burridge, spokesperson for Friends of Quarantine Station said “A big hotel and conference centre, spas and bars, a luxory restaurant on the harbour, and limited tours : these things add up to a tourist resort, not a National Park.


“Once again the State Government wants to give away precious public foreshore land to a private company.   The community has been ignored.  The conservation experts have been ignored.  Due process has been ignored.


“Just like the Showground, here we have another case of the government giving away a public asset to a private company. Once again the taxpayers of NSW will be bankrolling a private company in its drive for profits.


The lease puts this National Park in private hands for 45 years. National Parks are for everyone to access on an equal basis – it is essential that they be kept in public hands.


Felicity Pulman, author of Ghost Boy, a children’s story based on events at Quarantine Station said “This site is an important part of Australia’s unique history.  It symbolizes the growth of the Nation.  The site contains the graves of some of Australia’s earliest immigrants.  The site also contains traces of lost Aboriginal harbour tribes.  This site is a wonderful resource for historians, environmentalists and the general public to learn about Australia’s history.”



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