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Quarantine Station Seminar - September 99



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Quarantine Station Seminar - September 4th, 1999

Past .. Present and Future

About the participants

Hector Abrahams
Architect, Partner,
Clive Lucas Stapleton & Partners
Architects & Heritage Consultants

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David Barr MP
Manly Independent MP,
Deputy Mayor of Manly

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Dr Yvonne Cossart
University of Sydney,
Specialist in lnfectous Diseases

QSJFoley.jpg (9965 bytes)
Jean Foley
Historian, authority on Quarantine Station,
author of  'In Quarantine".
QSDHochuli.jpg (14089 bytes)
Dr Dieter Hochuli
Lecturer, Institute of Wildlife Research,
University of Sydney

Dr Peter Macdonald
Independent MP for Manly '91 -99

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Alan Madden
Metropolitan Local Aboriginal
Land Council Representative
QSAOsborne.jpg (11401 bytes)
Dr Armstrong Osborne
Senior Lecturer, Geology,
University of Sydney
QSSSacker.jpg (10829 bytes)
Cr Sue Sacker
Mayor of Manly
About 120 people attended this seminar, learning from the presenters, enjoying a guided tour and brainstorming about ways in which to convince the Government to preserve this valuable Heritage site for the general public now and for our children's children.

Quarantine Station is under threat. The State Government plans to lease it to a developer for over 40 years. This half-day seminar explored the history of Quarantine Station, and looked at how we can preserve it into the future.

Key experts in the fields of history, conservation of the natural environment, heritage architecture, Aboriginal history, medical history, infectious diseases and endangered species  gave presentations on Quarantine Station and its future.

Seminar - program

9.30  Registration

10.00 David Barr, MP

          Dr Peter Macdonald

Welcome and a political perspective

The history of management of the QS

10.15 Session 1

Quarantine Station - Sydney's History
National and International History

Facilitator:  Nina Burridge

Jean Foley :

Dr Yvonne Cossart :

Alan Madden :

History of Quarantine Station
A series of fascinating slides giving a potted history and showing ships, immigrants, rock carvings, gravestones and QS scenes.

Infectious diseases at QS
A synopsys of transmission of disease, history of medical treatments and quarantine procedures. Slides were shown.

Indigenous values at QS
North Head was once the home of Aboriginal medicine men. This place was revered. We all must work together to preserve it for its value to all Australians


11.15 Morning tea

QSmorningtea.jpg (12766 bytes)
Morning tea on the balcony of the QS

11.30 Session 2

Buildings and Bush
Natural and Built Heritage
on Quarantine Station

Hector Abrahams :

Dr Armstrong Osborne:

Dr Dieter Hochuli :

Architecture & conservation

Heritage landscapes

Natural Heritage (fauna)

12.20 Final discussion

Preserving our past for future generations

Sue Sacker : Actions for the future
Many participants joined in a brainstorming session about what we can do to preserve this wonderful place.

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There was plenty to talk about during morning tea and lunch because each of the speakers presented thought-provoking material

1.00 Lunch

1.30 Guided tour of Quarantine Station

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Tour Guide, Kathy Hart, tells us about Quarantine Station history
This building contained the First Class Dining Room.

About Friends of Quarantine Station

Plans to lease Quarantine Station to a private developer have been underway for several years now, and the community have opposed this every step of the way.

Friends of Quarantine Station (FroQS) was formed early this year as a community response to the government's plans.

FroQS has the broad aim of ensuring that the rich cultural, natural and built heritage of the site are preserved.



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