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Rock Carvings at the Quarantine Station



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Rock Carvings

There are over 2000 carvings of various sorts at the Quarantine Station and the National Parks and Wildlife Service have collected photographs and interpretations of most of these.

Passengers and crew of various ships quarantined here have used their spare time making a record of their stay.

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Carvings from near the wharf
Photo : J.Simpson
Example :

Translation :

My Younger Brother.

As soon as thinking of my younger brother without help, I set off for gold mountain right away.
Occasionally a man died of smallpox.
He is sailor on the ship.
Setting off and sailing to in the last month of the year.
By tenth of January next year, arrived at Sydney Harbour.

It is hard to say how much misfortune I have suffered.
I have been trapped and suffered from smallpox all these days.

Your advisable words are proved precious to me.
Nobody knows what trouble I am in.
I must not complain .....

Talking about it, I am surprised what I have done all these years.

I sincerely advise everyone should have his own decision.

The news that ten thousands Liang of gold buried in Australia spreads to China.

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Reference :
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